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Electronic Fortune Cookie

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About Us


The Electronic Fortune Cookie (EFC) was created by William Charles Nickerson. As a contract software engineer, web developer and trainer, I have had the pleasure of working in the IT world for over 2 decades (yes, that means I'm old).


I was inspired to create this web site by an old UNIX program that I enjoyed called fortune. It would randomly select a fortune cookie expression from a data file and present it. I used this program as part of my login scripts to brighten my day.

Several years ago, I stumbled upon a huge fortune data file and this idea slowly came to be. I expect that once I am finished going through the file and removing entries that are too obscure, outdated or hateful that there will be over 200,000 entries (I am currently finished the ones that start with a number, letters A and B and the total is over 8,000 so far). I will also add fortune cookies as I go along and as I find things from other sources that I think might be fun.

What's in the Database?

Not everything that is in the database is suitable for everyone, so I've devised a rating filter that allows only G rated content by default. Members will be allowed to select a PG or R filter that allows some of the more questionable content. PG ratings include sexual innuendo, some swearing and a minimal level of violence. R rating is for more explicit stuff (although most would get a PG-13 rating in movies). Less than 10% of the database will be PG or R.

I have tried to include things that express ideas that will encourage people to think about issues as well as humour. Some of the ideas and expressions will be contrary to what you believe. I know this because there are many that are contrary to my beliefs. I believe that it is important to listen to ideas that we don't agree with and carefully weigh them if we want to grow as people and as community. We don't have to change our minds about them, but we need to respect them.


I hope that you enjoy this web site. It will grow and add features over time (if it is successful) and I hope that it is a pleasant place for all to visit.